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Juno v1.0 for Mac and PC ($24.99)
View the Spiro (Bonus Command) Movie (QuickTime) : 862KB

Fireworks MX
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Juno has arrived, our most anticipated command set for Fireworks MX, containing 3 top commands and an extra bonus command called Spiro. These commands were created in order to maxmize the creative capabilities for quick vector output from Fireworks MX, and to create quick, easy, highly configurable patterns, waves and random effects within the program without having to create them in other vector programs.

And so Juno 1.0 was born, a collection of dazzling commands, that are quick, stylish and best of all, easy to use. An essential addition to your collection.

There is a bonus command included with Juno 1.0 which cannot be purchased separately or downloaded, and that is the scintillating Spiro 1.0.

Not only can Spiro create fabulous spiral buttons, but with the flick of a button, will create intense mathematical patterns for your delight.


Commands included with Juno 1.0


Vortex Creator 1.0

Create amazing vortex patterns, from mild to wild with this fully featured vortex creator. It will take your object(s) from the canvas and whip them into a frenzy.


Tsunami 1.0

Ride the wave of Tsunami 1.0 and create scintillating wave patterns within Fireworks MX. You have complete control over the height, length, variation and a myriad of other options. to allow you to create patterns to your hearts desire


ScatterBug 1.0

Does what it says on the tin! Create an ordered array of objects on the canvas or throw them around into a whirlwind of activity. This command is ideal for rapid creation of an array of objects that is based upon your selected object prior to running the command, or will create a random scatter og your objects across the canvas.


Juno v1.0 for Mac and PC ($24.99)
View the Spiro (Bonus Command) Movie (QuickTime) : 862KB

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